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Solar power in Illinois

Solar power is an excellent investment for your home in Illinois due to state-mandated net metering, the federal tax credit, and the state’s adjustable block program for the purchasing of renewable energy credits.

Not only will you reduce your carbon emissions when you switch to solar, you also greatly reduce how much you spend on power. A system in Illinois can pay for itself in as little as 10 years!

Illinois solar power facts

Cash flow graph based on cash purchase of a 9.27kW system

This 9.27kW system would offset 100% of your energy usage if your typical monthly bill in Illinois is $150, however your situation may vary so try our solar calculator to get a result tailored to you.

How much do solar panels cost in Illinois

What are the pros and cons of buying solar panels for your home in Illinois

The disadvantage of installing solar panels in Illinois is that there are no statewide solar rebate programs or investor-owned utility residential rebate programs. Also, Illinois receives less sun than other states, which means a system in Illinois will produce less energy than a system in a sunnier state, like Arizona. 

What rebates, solar tax credits and other solar incentives are available in Illinois?

Adjustable Block Program

In 2016, Illinois passed the Future Energy Jobs Act, mandating utilities to derive 25% of their energy from renewable sources by 2025. In order for utilities to meet this goal, they must obtain renewable energy credits (RECs). A renewable energy credit represents the positive environmental attributes of producing 1 megawatt (MW) of electricity from a renewable source.

The adjustable block program was created as a way for utilities to obtain RECs from their customers who have renewable energy systems.

Solar system owners can take advantage of the adjustable block program by entering into a 15-year contract with their utility. Through this contract, the utility will pay the customer for each REC produced by the system each year. The amount that each REC is worth varies, depending on where you are located and when you apply to the program. The sooner you apply, the higher price per REC you may qualify for.

The program is currently in “Block 1”, meaning, depending on where you live, you can receive either $85.10 per REC or $72.97 per REC.

Net metering in Illinois

In Illinois, net metering is available for all home and business owners. The state’s net metering policy requires utilities to offer credits to customers in exchange for excess energy their solar system produces and exports to the grid. The credits earned are then carried over to offset the costs of future bills. 

However, the credits you earn do expire at the end of your annual billing period. Any excess credits at the end of the annual cycle will not carry over to the next year and no compensation will be provided for the credits. 

Special assessment for solar energy systems

If you install a residential solar system, you can apply for a special assessment of your property. You can register your property with the chief county assessment officer who will then assess your property in two ways: 

  • Assess the value of the property if it had a conventional energy system; and 
  • Assess the value of the property with the solar system.

You will then pay your taxes based on whichever property assessment is lower.  



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