DLC 5.1 Frequently Asked Questions | LED PHANTOM

Q: Which products are predicted to be the most impacted by these new requirements?

A: The majority of products are impacted. The most concern has been replacement products like LED tubes & HID replacement lamps.




Q: what has been the response from manufacturers, since these requirements were announced in February 2020,

A: They have been supportive of some requirements but less supportive of others, dimming for example.




LED Phantom named a few predictions as to how lighting manufacturers can approach this transition.

1. Solve the technical issues that allow them to update products as dimmable

2. Resolve to increase product pricing/absorb additional costs required to have dimming capabilities added, and

3. Find more creative ways in which to claim products are dimmable. There is no laboratory test for dimming, the policy is reliant on self-reported claims and product specification sheets for qualification.




Q: What are utilities doing about the transition?

A: Utilities that have some proactive communication about the transition are offering split views. Some utilities are studying the issue and may not take a stance until after the delisting [when] they are able to determine if there is an impact on rebate applications. Many are holding firm that on July 1, 2022, only 5.1 products will be eligible for incentives; others are announcing they will offer a grace period for 5.0 products.



Q: Are there any new transitions, laws, or energy efficiency guidelines from the DLC or other organizations that lighting manufacturers should be ready for in the upcoming year?

A: Since the baseline for general service lamps is finally moving effectively to LED, incentives for those products will be reduced and/or phased out. Horticultural Technical Requirements V3.0 is out for comment, and the DLC Summit, held at the end of May, began mapping out future changes for the SSL and other related topics.